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Blackberry 8110 Red: a Smart Phone With an Extensive Range of Features

Blackberry handsets generally support web browsing, push-email, internet and lots more. The handset comes with all the PDA and smartphone capabilities like camera, email, video recording, voice recording, Phone book, Calendar, Alarm, Clock, To-Do List, etc. These phones even give you access to files in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats. These business tools are used for text and instant messaging. Enjoy work on the go with the help of advanced office applications and stay updated with the current news.

The Blackberry phones are endowed with all the major PDA features and functions like address book, calendar, to-do lists, etc. All these features are enclosed in one sleek device. Blackberry phones allow you to work while you are away from home. Stay in touch with your office while you are on a vacation or business trip. These most powerful handsets are powered with imaging, internet, connectivity, music, gaming and high-end business features. These perfect tools let you stay connected with your clients no matter where you are. They can be called as both a personal as well as a business device.

The smart BlackBerry 8110 Red is powered with all the advanced features that a smartphone should possess. The phone offers a 2 megapixels camera that lets you click good quality pictures. Capture the beautiful moments of your lives and cherish them forever. The slim and elegant handset boasts a QWERTY keyboard, multimedia player, digital camera, video recorder, etc. The web browser lets you download video clips, songs and games. An amazing part of the handset is its Wi-Fi capability.

This Blackberry 8110 Red has all the features to satisfy the needs of the mobile phone lovers. Transfer the desired data to computers and laptops through your phone using the Blue tooth and USB connectivity features. Some of the inbuilt features of the Blackberry 8110 Red include alarm clock, contact book, reminder, etc. Discover the world of entertainment by listening to your favourite music as well as viewing video clips.

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Blackberry Bold Phones. a Fluke?

The blackberry bold phones do not even seem to be real phones. They are a compromise between a PDA and a cell. However, big, ugly, funny looking device is finding more & more fans day by day.

One of the main advantages of a blackberry is of course its taste… oops, sorry… what I meant to say was its screen. As they say: size does not matter, well… in this case it definetely does. Another obvious thing for sure is QWERTY keyboard. Although, it might seem hard at first, writing a message on this bad boy is much easier than on a traditional cell. Take for example the letter “s”. To enter that into a message on a traditional cell keypad, you’d have to press the “7” key four times! So not only is blackberry great for multimdia, but also for economy which makes it a real time-saver.


This is where all its uniqueness unfortunately ends and it does not even matter that some sites offer you blackberry free themes. Sad as it may seem all the other fuctions or refinements do not really impress the genuine cell phone heads. You might say the embeded GPS receiver. Sure, however there is a bundle of phones out there that already take advantage of this function. Take Nokia n95 8GB for example, of which I happen to be a proud user. In my humble opinion there is nothing more in blackberry that apart from QWERTY keyboard that could cpmpete with this Nokia. I mean it has got built-in GPS receiver, 8BG of RAM (duuh…) and 5mpx cam on top of it. So my question is who would want this hunky piece of hardware. I mean it’s huge. I always thought the technology should go the other way, you know, make’em smaller not the other way round.

Another thing is it does not go with the fashion trends at all. Listen to this phrase: free blackberry curve themes. Just because it says “curve” does not mean it’s fashionable! You know the pockets they make especially designed to fit cell phones. Guess what? It just doesn’t fit! And try talking through it. Half of your face is covered and the radiation is probably so strong that the cancer is going munch through your jaw like a fat American on a hamburger. Sorry for being so graphic but that’s the way I feel about those “berries”. I’m not saying: “don’t buy one”, i’m not saying: “don’t try it”, I’m saying: “get it, taste it, get rid of it and get yourself a decent cell phone”.


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Blackberry Bold: Now Enjoy Mobile World With Extraordinary Features

Blackberry has created a sensation in the world of mobile phones by introducing mobile phones with special features like wide TFT display, QWERTY keyboard and GPS services etc. It is the first mobile manufacturer which has introduced mobile phones with Email feature in the market.

One of the Blackberry mobile phones is the Blackberry Bold that comes with extraordinary features and allures all kinds of the mobile users ever since it has been introduced in the market. This GSM-enabled mobile phone comes with a wide TFT screen with 65K colours that offers a high resolution of 480 x 320 pixels and comes along with a Full QWERTY keyboard, Trackball navigation and Wallpapers. This smooth and flexible keypad allows the users to navigate and access the functions of the phone with ease as well as the users can watch clear and perfect images and video clips on it. This advanced device has dimensions of 114 x 66 x 14 mm and comes with a weight of 133 grams.

When it comes to large amount of storage capacity features, this stylish mobile phone comes embedded with 128 MB of flash memory and 1 GB of storage memory. To expand the external memory of this gadget up to 8 GB, it has a microSD (TransFlash) card slot. The users can download their favourite games and songs and they can save large amount of data in the form of messages, contacts, images and video recorders etc. To transfer data from other Bluetooth and USB compatible devices at high-speed, this amazing handset comes preloaded with high-end features like class 10 GPRS, class 10 EDGE, 3G-HSDPA, WLAN-Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP connectivity and USB v2.0 support. This phone comes with a 624 MHz processor that offers seamless mobile solutions to the users and has a reliable battery that offers an approximate standby and talktime of 310 and 5 hours, respectively, on one charge.

The Blackberry Bold mobile phone has a digital camera of 2.0 mega pixels that offers a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels and comes along with video and flash. This camera allows the users to capture the most valuable moments of their lives and they can record videos for a long time. They can send these video records and images to their friends and family members with the help of multimedia messaging service. The DivX/WMV/XViD/3gp video player allows the users to watch their favourite movies, even while they are on the move. To offer high and great quality of music to music lovers, this elegant mobile phone comes with a music player that supports the play back of the famous music format files like MP3, WMA and AAC. It lets the users to listen to their favourite music whenever they want.

The Built-in GPS service of this phone supports the Blackberry maps and helps the users to locate the exact place where they are. High-speed Internet connectivity and sending messages are come ease with its messaging and browsing options like SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging and HTML browser. The Blackberry operating system facilitates the users to access all the options of the phone without any hassles. To view the windows format files like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF, this Blackberry Bold phone is compatible with a DataViz document viewer/editor. To satisfy the demands of all types of mobile phone users, this tantalising phone also comes with some of the modern features like Organiser, Calculator, Voice dial, Built-in handsfree, Voice memo, 3.5 mm stereo headset jack, Polyphonic and MP3 ringtones.

Surely, this latest mobile phone from Blackberry allures the modern mobile users with its awesome looks and functionality. To reach the pockets of all the users, this Blackberry Bold gadget is reasonably priced in the present day mobile market.

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Blackberry Series: Enhanced With Ergonomic Features


The tools of communications have always been upgraded at regular intervals. This is just because with the advancement of technology, the requirements of the people have also changed. People, these days, have the urge to enhance their comfort and the entertainment level at any cost. Moreover, when innumerable options are available then there should be no space for any compromises. As a matter of fact, any compromises in quality and service cannot be taken for granted. This notion holds very true in case of the mobile phones. It is quite interesting to note that the moment a new handset is launched, its predecessors and peers are doomed at ease. In fact, the trends of the market also keep on changing. People kick out and even set new trends at regular intervals. Moreover, whenever a trend is set in the market, almost people from every age group tend to flow by the tide. Quite interestingly, everybody tends to be alert or to be on their toes to stay updated with the latest fashion.

In the case of the mobile phones, the scenario can be quite logically explained. As there are innumerable mobile phone manufacturers in the market, people can access the best from a wide variety of options. These days, the BlackBerry Series are ruling the market at ease. Though the phones under this series initially faced tough competition from the other manufacturers’ handsets, they have steadily managed a strong position. Now, people readily opt for these handsets as they are highly enhanced with very high-end specifications and glossy designs. The most preferred models of this brand are the BlackBerry Bold 9000, Pearl 8110, Pearl 8100 and Curve 8320 etc. All these BlackBerry mobile phones are enhanced with high-end connectivity options and quite amazingly, you can perform all the business tasks in these gadgets.

The BlackBerry Bold 9000 is a stylish mobile phone which comes adorned with QWERTY keyboard and trackball navigation feature. The storage capacity of this gadget would satisfy anybody. Its comes powered with 128 MB flash memory, 1 GB internal memory. Furthermore, the users can expand the storage capacity up to 8 GB by using a microSD ( TransFlash) card. The 2 mega pixel camera of this gadget would further facilitate them to capture bright and crystal clear images without any hassles. The images can be comfortably stored in the memory card of this handset. Furthermore, the document viewer, media player, multimedia messaging options, video player and built in GPS navigation feature are the add on features of this handset.

The BlackBerry Pearl 8110 is slightly slimmer than the Bold 9000 handset. However, in the specifications area, it is also quite demanding. It has been enhanced with the QWERTY keyboard and 64 MB flash memory. The embedded GPS navigation feature would never let you feel lost. in fact, with this high-end feature you can track you preferredestination at ease. This feature would provide you with the time, distance and speed during your journey process quite efficiently. This handset is further enriched with the user friendly interface which would facilitate you to operate the high-end functionalities at ease.

Almost all the high-end and the cheap BlackBerry phones have the potential to offer high-end connectivity options at ease. These handsets are perfectly mostly come adorned with QWERTY keyboard and have numerous multimedia messaging options. These gadgets have exceptional battery support. Almost every handset comes equipped with impeccable battery. With the help of this battery support one can enjoy talktime and stand-by of long hours. Once can even opt to buy BlackBerry phones online. These online stores surprisingly offer various exciting offers to entice the customers. Moreover, the price tags are also quite affordable. People from any class can avail them without any concern for budgetary constraints.

If you have inclination for robust and high-end handsets then you should surely check the BlackBerry mobile phones series. The models of this brand would never let you down in any case.

Andrew Mathew, hisself has great experience in content writing regards to mobile phones, and giving his precious time to onlinemobilephoneshop.co.uk.

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Battle of the Superphones – T-mobile G1 Vs Blackberry Storm

Two touchscreen heavyweights are lining up to go to war soon. Both of them are billed as the best of the best, and both are unique mobile phones in their own way. So let’s take a look at which will win: T-Mobile G1 or Blackberry Storm.

T-Mobile G1 – the world’s first Google Android mobile phone

Announced at the start of October, the T-Mobile G1 marks the coming of a brand new operating system: Google Android. No other mobile phones have ever used that system before, so it’s fair to say it’s generating quite a lot of interest. Mind you, that’s hardly surprising, since the T-Mobile G1 is a full touchscreen mobile phone, that quite blatantly seems to be out to steal the iPhone’s thunder. And you know what? It succeeds, and makes for a far more appealing mobile phone! The new Android interface in the T-mobile G1 is slick, sexy and fast, making it an absolute joy to use, and with extra features like 3 megapixel camera, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, super fast internet access up to 7.2Mbps, and built-in GPS, the T-Mobile G1 really is an enticing prospect for anyone who loves touchscreen mobile phones.

Blackberry Storm – all new power at your fingertips

Meanwhile, from developer RIM, we have another touchscreen mobile phone, and while the T-Mobile G1 may have a new operating system to boast about, the new Blackberry Storm has an entirely new type of touchscreen. Basically, when you press down on the screen in the Blackberry Storm, it moves ever so slightly, and clicks. The effect is unbelievable; put simply, typing out an email on the Blackberry Storm’s virtual onscreen keyboard, feels just like you’re using a physical keypad with real buttons! how many other mobile phones can you say that about?! In terms of extra features, the Black Storm is no slouch, either, with its camera, internet and GPS specs pretty similar to those on the T-Mobile G1.

But which is the mobile phone you should buy? When you get right down to it, which one is better?

T-Mobile G1 vs Blackberry Storm – which should YOU buy?

Whilst the similarities between the T-Mobile G1 and the Blackberry Storm are there, these two mobile phones are nothing like each other. Each has different software features and so on, but it’ll come down to a case of which one feels the nicest to use. However, we need to address the fact that the T-Mobile G1 gives you access to loads of applications and music via their online Marketplace, and the Amazon MP3 Store. So, in terms of content, the T-Mobile G1 would seem to be the better bet. However… if you’re talking about which of these mobile phones is the nicest to use, and looks the best, and which one you’ll enjoy using more, then there can only be one clear winner. The Blackberry Storm is, quite frankly, one of the single nicest mobile phones ever made. The T-Mobile G1 may let you fill it with software and music, but you can still get software for the Blackberry Storm, and it’s physically a far, FAR nicer mobile phone. Without a doubt, that’s the baby I’d go for!

Expert on mobile phones, having worked in the industry for over 7 years.

Blackberry Mobile Phones ? Fun & Functions Come Hand in Hand

BlackBerry mobile phones are known to be hot selling mobiles in the market, across the globe. Whether the buyer looks for an out and out multimedia centric mobile or a mobile to execute your corporate communication on the go, an absolutely entertaining device or a mobile phone which would fetch your computer in your handset – diverse range of Blackberry mobile phones can fit to your expectations.

Different ranges of Blackberry Phones take account of diverse demands of today’s discerning mobile users to offer unique features, functions and unlimited options to have fun and entertainment. Though these latest phones were preliminarily designed for business people, however, gradually, handsets have been revolutionized to comprise various other features other than business centric features in its lightweight and slick structure.

Recent series of Blackberry mobile phones have include QWERTY keyboard to give users much more ease of typing, large enough screen to soothe users’ eyes without having them to squint those, voice mail system, all the popular instant messengers such as Yahoo!, AQL, Google Talk, MSN etc., to stay connected from any part of the globe, expandable memory, advanced imaging and music playing features, expandable memory to accommodate space for more documents, audio and videos etc.

Blackberry mobile is built to target the million of business-minded people all across the world. Blackberry Pearl 8120.it is light in weight at 91g and in terms of size it just 107 x 50 x 14 mm. Blackberry Pearl 8120 is the smallest Blackberry Smartphone to hit the market. the Pearl 8120 come in a neat package which really catches the users eye.

Stephen George is expert author of Telecommunication industry. Who writes on Mobile Phone Reviews, Blackberry Mobile Phones

Blackberry Mobile Phone a World Class Communication System

 As an answer to communicators and smart phones the blackberry was introduced with a push mail facility. This global business communication system is devised for those professional and end users who are always on the go. This device helps them to keep ahead of competition. It is an advanced wireless enterprise solution with optional data and phone services. It works on software that integrates closely with Microsoft® Exchange, IBM® Lotus® Domino® and Novell® GroupWise®.

The Blackberry Enterprise Solution™ has mobilized the office thus enhancing business performance by escalating overall productivity and allowing workers to make timely decisions based on the most precise information available.

This system provides a single platform to conduct the business activity. It has maximum flexibility as it manages multiple wireless technologies. It also enables a secure communication system with its end-to-end security with Triple DES or AES encryption.

The overall Total Cost of Operation (TCO) is quite low even though it keeps the work force always connected to information. The low cost of the device and less usage of bandwidth works out much cheaper for the organization. Standards-based protocols and development tools help make sure that nearly any enterprise application, infrastructure or system can be wirelessly facilitated without being recreated or reinstated.

The blackberry mobile phone can be used as a personal organizer. It also provides for seamless access to time-sensitive information including email, phone, SMS messaging, Internet and intranet-based applications. It also enables a wide range of third party developers and manufacturers to augment their products and services with wireless connectivity to data.

Today the blackberry mobile phone is the market leader as it is the favorite choice of the people who wish to stay connected to high-value information and communications while on the go. This data centric device which is blue tooth enabled make communication fast paced in this ever-changing business world. Today there are more than 4 million people worldwide who use the device as it enables them to efficiently access information from anywhere in the world. The Intel solution helps them to access the information at a much faster rate than the traditional USB. The newer phones providing more clarity of sound and picture is the reason why it has the caught the fancy of many businessmen today

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