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Let Us Teach You How To Eat More Blackberrys

The name Blackberry (Rubus fruiticous) includes at least 14 closely related species. All of the species are perennial, semi-deciduous, prickly, scrambling, shrubs with stem tips that take root where they contact the ground. They often form tough thickets that can be several feet high. Blackberrys have sharp, brambles or thorns on their stems that grab and tear clothes and skin.

The fruit

The fruit is not a berry, but instead an aggregate fruit of numerous drupelets. The soft fruit changes colour from green to red to black as it ripens. When they are black all over, it is time to eat them. They can be eaten dried, fresh or right off the vine. Each fruit is a collective, of many juicy segments each with one seed. It is a rich source of antioxidants. It is often made into jelly or jam and occasionally wine. The fruit contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, niacin, malic and isocitric acids, pectin, sugars, anthocyanins, monoglycoside of cyanidin, and flavonoids (kaempferol, quercitin). Its flavonoids are thought to be anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal and belived to enhance the immune system due to its high content of Vitamin C and bio-flavonoids.

The flowers

The flowers are white to pinkish, 5-petaled, blossoms provide good nectar, which produce a medium to dark, fruity honey. Flowers and fruit are often on the same plant at the same time. The flowers have both male and female organs and produce seed asexually without fertilisation. The seed is a clone of the mother plant.

The root

The root also contains tannin, is an astringent, and is a blood purifier. It can be used to treat diarrhea and dysentery, but do not over do it. Avoid using more than three times a day. People with sensitive stomachs can experience upset stomach.

The leaf

Medicinally, the leaf of the Blackberry is most often used. It contains tannins which are chemical compounds that reduce intestinal inflammation, as well as to constrict blood vessels, which inhibits bleeding. Blackberry Leaf is also used as a tonic and a poultice to promote the healing of wounds and insect bites, and as a wash for oily skin. The leaf can be made into a tea to ease a sore throat. The tannin content of Blackberry leafs make it an effective astringent. The leaves can be chewed to treat bleeding gums and mouth sores.

How to make Blackberry Leaf Tea:

*Pick young tender green leaves either before the plant flowers or during flowering.

*Let the leaves dry completely for at least five days.

*Store in an airtight jar, to avoid mold, aerate frequently.

*Use 1 tsp of dried blackberry leaves per cup of water.

*Pour the boiling water over the leaves, cover and allow to infuse for 10 minutes.

*Sweeten with honey.

Nothing in this essay is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Blackberry has not been approved by the Food & Drug Administration for the treatment of any disease.

Harvey Robinson, longtime herb grower and user.
Webmaster of http://eatmoreherbs.com/ and http://yearstoyourhealth.com/

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Blackberry Pearl: Smart Phone With Entertaining Features

The much anticipated BlackBerry Pearl 8100 from Research in Motion (RIM) is now available in the market. Unlike other smartphones from the manufacturer, BlackBerry Pearl has been packed with some added features for entertainment like camera, music player and a video player. These features have been crammed in an attractive looking case. A small navigation key on the front side which looks like a pearl spells luxury and style.

Research in Motion (RIM) has tried to bring more customers to its fold and widen its consumer base beyond professionals by adding some entertaining stuff in the camera. In addition to that, the design of the BlackBerry Pearl handset has been significantly improved over classical BlackBerry phones and the new looks has got appreciation from the mobile users across the globe.

As expected, the BlackBerry Pearl has a vibrant display with good resolution for great viewing. The Pearl uses RIM’s hybrid SureType keypad, with two letters on each key. Though, typing texts is not as speedy as it gets on other handsets with QWERTY keypad still, you can type texts with ease. A microSD card slot for the expansion of memory space has been added which is refreshing in a BlackBerry phone. The handset has an onboard memory of 64MB for storing downloaded songs and pictures.

The BlackBerry Pearl 8100 features a high quality camera, video and music player to add more value to your handset. A 1.3-megapixel camera with flash to click spontaneous photographs. The image quality is good. A music player which supports popular file formats like MP3 and AAC to help you listen to favourite music on the go. You can also shoot good quality videos with this handset.

Fast Internet, data transfer and downloading in addition to various office utility features make this handset appealing to one and all.

Blackberry Pearl

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Blackberry 8800: your Business and Entertainment Tool

Blackberry handsets have been designed primarily to help business professionals, and the Blackberry 8800 does this job efficiently. The device brings media and professional features together in its profile. The Smartphone looks very attractive in black and metal effect silver casing. Featuring an intuitive QWERTY keypad and a large 320 x 240 pixels resolution screen – browsing phone features is a real pleasure. And with light sensing screen – the device automatically adjusts lightening levels. Browse unlimited phone features and organize your personal and professional world in and out of the office.

With multitude of productivity and entertainment tools, the Blackberry 8800 is all set to change your mobile lifestyle. Send and receive emails, attach heavy documents or surf the net for latest news and information – the Smartphone is truly smart in terms of its form and functionality. The latest trend of hybrid devices in the mobile world is really a strong step that the mobile industry has taken and the Blackberry 8800 is one of the excellent devices in the same line up.Moreover, the Blackberry 8800 comes with advanced messaging services that always keep you in touch with people. Advanced messaging services include SMS, MMS, Email and instant messaging. With connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB, GPRS, EDGE and more – connect and transfer documents swiftly in no time. And with quad-band network and embedded RIM wireless modem – stay connected with the people and the world anytime-anywhere.

In addition to productivity tools, the device offers lots of entertainment options such as a media player, MP3 ringtones, MIDI ringtones, downloadable games and more. Enjoy listening to your latest music tracks, ringtones or play games and refresh your mind. Loaded with an in-built 64MB of Flash memory plus MicroSD memory card – there is enough memory to accommodate multimedia files and documents.With the Blackberry 8800 – everything is possible. For more information of Blackberry Mobile Phones please visit our site.

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The Blackberry 8800 Smartphone is the Stylish Way to Get Things Done

The BlackBerry 8800 smartphone is the stylish way to get things done. Packed with powerful capabilities, yet incredibly compact and slim (at 14mm, the thinnest Blackberry yet), it combines a stylish design with a premium finish. Elegant and performance-driven, this is a smartphone you will always want to show off.

The BlackBerry 8800 is packed with incredible new features including GPS and a built-in media player. The GPS function comes complete with BlackBerry Maps allowing you to view your location to fine detail and track your route to your target destination. The multi-media player means you can access your music and video files when and where you choose. Plug in a stereo headset then kick back with your favourite tunes while you reply to messages or download news or sports clips and watch them on its large, bright screen, while you are catching your train to work.

Voice-Activated Dialling and the trackball navigation make operating this phone a joy and core BlackBerry functionality is not compromised by the array of features. It also offers email and text messaging (SMS and MMS), instant messaging, organizer, web browser, expandable memory and advanced phone features.

Then imagine having all the tools you’d need to do things you want to do. Like staying connected to the people who matter most to you. Kicking back with the music you love. Watching clips you’ve downloaded, or playing games while you’ve got a few minutes to spare.

Now imagine doing all this with one sleek and performance-driven smartphone.

The following are some of the features and functions of the BlackBerry 8800 are taken from the Online of mobilephones24.co.uk:

– At only 14mm thin this smartphone fits easily into your palm, pocket, or bag

– Voice-Activated Dialling and trackball navigation for quick access to all functions

– Get to your destination hassle-free with the in-built GPS system and Blackberry Maps

– Take your music and videos wherever you go with the integrated Media player

– 64MB of internal memory plus MicroSD card support for expandable memory

– Bluetooth and Mini-USB provide all the connectivity you need

– Advanced sound technology cancels out background noise and echo, to help ensure you can always hear and be heard

– Email and web browser features keep you in touch on the move

– Dimensions – 114x66x14mm

– Weight – 134 g

– Standby Time – Up to 530 hours

– Talk Time – Up to 5 hours


The full features and specifications of the BlackBerry 8800 can be viewed in the Blackberry mobile phones section of the online phone shop of mobilephones24.co.uk.

By Emma C Jones:

The BlackBerry 8800 smartphone on O2 mobile phones from online mobile shop of Mobile Phone 24 in the United Kingdom.

Blackberry Pearl: the Precious Gem

Mobile technology has really come a long way and it is quite evident when you observe the potential of today’s smart phones. Well, these phones are also known as multi-task performers, as these gadgets are here to take a very good care of various requirements in the easiest possible way. Besides being your easiest modes of communications, these smart phones also function as your laptops, digital cameras, voice recorders and handheld speaker phones. As such, there are various sorts of smartphones, but a very few of them really stand out of the clutter, as they are not only good in features, but also come with compact and easy to carry profile.

The BlackBerry Pearl is one such smart phone, which has been finished up with various outstanding features and enticing profile to offer you a consummate mobile experience. The BlackBerry Pearl is the new GSM handheld device from Research in Motion or RIM. Actually, the BlackBerry Pearl is the smallest smartphone by RIM. Besides its QWERTY keypad, the BlackBerry Pearl comes with a scroll wheel, which gives you quick access to all the desired functions. There are dedicated volume and camera keys, which make it more flexible and easier to use. Though, the BlackBerry phones are known for their business features, but the BlackBerry Pearl does offer a lot in multimedia features including music, video, images and ring tones.

Although, its 1.3 mega pixels camera does not offer very clear pictures, but at least it allows you to grab all those special moments. You can also increase phone’s memory up to 2 GB by using an extra memory card. Well, the BlakBerry Pearl supports EDGE and quad-band GSM/GPRS networks, which enable you to get high speed data downloading speed. Moreover, you can also surf the Internet with its web browser. As far as email functionalities are concerned, the BlackBerry Pearl is quite easy to use and with the help of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, you can send a single message to ten addresses without any constraints. When it is about smart work – the BlackBerry Pearl has it all to be your most reliable gizmo.

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Blackberry 8300 Nothing But Magic!

Mobiles are the most important devices of modern times. So much so that a world without mobiles is unthinkable today. Thanks to mobiles communication, the way it was carried out on phones, has undergone a sea change. Increasing popularity of mobiles have also increased the demand for them which has led to more and more companies jumping on the bandwagon to cash in on the growing mania.

And when it comes to talking about mobile manufacturing companies then one company that simply outshines others is Blackberry. Product after product it has been establishing the fact that when it comes to mobiles they are head and shoulders above their closest competitors.

Their latest offering, Blackberry 8300, is no different. With it they have once again proved that when it comes to mobiles then there cannot be anyone as competent as them and they have once again cemented their position as number one in mobile industry.

Blackberry 8300, which can be termed as nothing less than a sensation, is studded with so many outstanding features that it is virtually impossible to take your eyes of this small wonder. Yes! It is probably the smallest and lightest of all the mobiles.

With a keyboard that is fully QWERTY, it also possesses clean lines with soft edges and a liquid silver finish. One thing that everyone wants in a mobile is that it should have a camera installed in it so that if one finds any sight worth recording then he should be able to freeze it to savour it for days to come. Well in addition to a wonderful and powerful camera, it also has such outstanding features like Blackberry maps, media player, expandable memory, voice activated dialing and tethered modem and trackball navigation.

If you have not staggered by now, you surely stand a very strong chance of that happening now, for apart from the above mentioned features, it also provides facilities like e-mail, text messaging, instant messaging, web browsing and advanced phone functionality.

It is because of the wide range of services that it provides that Blackberry 8300 review has been outstanding with not a single negative review against it. Blackberry 8300 deals are also very attractive with the result that ‘ buy Blackberry 8300’ has become the anthem of entire UK.

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Blackberry Mobile Phones: Better Than the Best!

One of the most reputed names in the field of mobile production is Blackberry. They have earned this reputation after producing quality products one after the other over a substantial period. There are various reasons for the success enjoyed by Blackberry for such a long period. For starters they have always been open to the demands of the public.

In other words their market research is impeccable which enables them to know exactly what is it that people want in their mobile phones. It also enables them to know why a particular handset did not do well or why it did well. They then work on the weak areas and make sure that next time round their product wins mass approval from public.

One of the USP of all Blackberry mobile phones is their super receptivity which ensures that there is no disturbance whatsoever in receiving or making calls. Such is the level of clarity that one feels as if someone is talking directly in his years though physically he might be sitting thousands of kilometres away. Then again whether one is calling from a plane or from a garage or from a lift or while climbing stairs the link never fails which allows the user to enjoy his conversation without any hindrance. All these features make receiving and making calls from Blackberry an absolute joy.

Then again every Blackberry handset extends the freedom and connectivity of an all-in-one phone, e-mail, web browser and organiser. Along with such features Every Blackberry handset also provide intuitive menu system, familiar QWERTY style key board and easy to read display which makes keeping in touch extremely easy.

Every Blackberry handset is packed in with so many important features that it becomes impossible to cast your eyes of it. Apart from the fact that most of the Blackberry mobiles are armed with sophisticated camera for still and video photography all of them have such useful features like SMS, MMS, e-mail, text messaging, programmed as well as down loadable games, varied ring tones, vibrating alert, in built music system, huge reservoir of songs as well as the freedom to down load one’s favourite number and much more.

All the above mentioned features as well as the sleek design which gives a very attractive look to the handset combine together to make all Blackberry mobiles a hot property. Something that by a single appearance of it breathes a strong desire in the hearts of people to owe the product.

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Blackberry 8830 World Edition: your Favourite Smartphone

Explore the world of innovative technology through BlackBerry mobile phones. BlackBerry 8830 World Edition, the new BlackBerry gadget provides you with unlimited access to emails, Internet connectivity and a wide variety of business and entertaining features.

Manage your professional front with the high-end business features offered by the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition. The handset is endowed with compact features like Wireless email, web browser, Dual-band network with global roaming facility, BlackBerry Maps supported by GPS Nav and easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard with trackball navigation. With its high-end email integrations, you can get instant access of your personal as well as business email accounts.

The BlackBerry 8830 World Edition also highlights a high definition digital media player for giving you an enhanced mobile music experience. It supports popular audio formats including MP3, MIDI, AAC, eAAC+, AMR-NB and WMA. So you can play your songs according to their compatibility with the file formats. Play your music videos in the formats supported by the handset including MPEG4 and WMV. Browse the web to download MP3 and polyphonic ringtones directly to your mobile phone. The energy-efficient colour display of the device comes with auto backlight sensor. It is wide and clear enough to play games or watch video clips.

The BlackBerry 8830 World Edition sports 64MB Flash memory with expandable storage space. It can easily make sufficient room for all your emails, video clips and songs. The integrated CDMA and GSM wireless networks give you global coverage. So you can stay connected with your business clients and colleagues from anywhere in the world. With its smart messaging features, you can manage up to 10 email accounts, send and receive messages wherever you go. Access instant messages by signing up IM messenger network from your device.

Get a BlackBerry 8830 World Edition handset. Get a grip on smart technology.

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BlackBerry 8830
Smart Phones
Blackberry Mobile Phones

Blackberry 8100 ? a Smart Phone for Smart People

People have become addicted to technology with time. And this fact should not cause any raised eyebrows or raise doubts in cynical minds. It is a well known fact that the applications of innovative technology have made lives in the ‘modern-day-world’ easy, productive and somewhat more meaningful. And mobile phone users have been one of the foremost sections of people to embrace the technological changes through the latest models of mobile phones. Blackberry 8100 is one such mobile phone that has made tech savvy people sit up and take notice.

Blackberry 8100 is a smart phone that has got both the looks as well as the features that make a mobile phone futuristic. The display is large, colored and bright and makes using the handset an experience in itself. One of the thinnest QWERTY keyboards is part of the Blackberry 8100 which makes it more sophisticated and user friendly. The navigation system is easy to use and intuitive. And the voice and data functionality leaves little room for improvement.

Users of the Blackberry 8820 can listen to music on the move; the handset comes with sophisticated capabilities that can be used for this purpose. The BlackBerry 8100 comes with in-built GPS, media player enhancements, and an expandable memory slot that ensures that the fun quotient is never down. The storage space is also quite sufficient to store all the different music files and other forms of mobile content. The expandable memory can be supported by microSD memory cards up to 32GB.

With EDGE/GPRS/GSM cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity for data access and voice support – the Blackberry 8100 is truly one of the most powerful mobile phones that users can acquire and use. So, the next time, you are searching the market for an innovative mobile phone with features to match, you could do well to check out the Blackberry 8100 mobile phone model.

Blackberry 8700f: a Smart Phone

The new BlackBerry 8700F series mobile phone enters into the mobile phone market with stunning and attractive features all set to invade the mobile market. The BlackBerry 8700F model mobile phone handset comes with a measurement of 110x70x20mm making it narrower and ideal to slip into the pocket.

The new model handset coming from BlackBerry has a screen that is capable of displaying 65,000 colors on the 320×240 pixel panel. The very sharp, very bright display that uses a backlight all the time while in use, makes it certainly look more impressive. The attractive feature of this handset coming from BlackBerry is the Bluetooth capable device, which did not exist in the earlier versions of the handset. The Bluetooth mobile phone handset support quad-band GSM, GPRS and EDGE, but not 3G or WiFi which is considered as a disadvantage by many users.

The BlackBerry 8700F mobile phone doesn’t have an expandable memory. Also it lacks an MP3 player and a camera. But it outshines in many other features including wireless mail and organizer. It is notable that the handset from BlackBerry comes with a browser and corporate data accessing method. The BlackBerry handset also has the facilities of SMS and MMS messaging services that helps in effective communication.

The BlackBerry 8700F mobile phone comes with a powerful processor and 64 MB of memory that helps in storing the required information. The handset supports the users in viewing attachments and graphics browse the web and run applications effortlessly. With the help of this handset, it is convenient for conference calls and also the handset has the facility of built-in speaker phone that delivers excellent sound quality. The attractive feature of this handset is the handsfree headset that reduces the need of holding the phone in the hand while making a call.

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