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Android SDK Manager on Nexus 2

Ricky Bobby asked:

If you’re a big fan of customizing the graphics on your phones, the Nexus 2 with Android SDK manager is a great option to consider. In fact, it is widely regarded as one of the most flexible phones and programs available. Imagine being able to create and implement graphics as wallpaper and other icons on your phone. This becomes a reality for people who use this next generation of smart phone. The 3-D gallery application has also been greatly improved with the new version of Android SDK manager on the phone. So, how can you get a free Android Nexus 2?

Surprising it is very easy for a person to get a deal on this great smart phone. If your thinking that you’re going to have to pay a large sum for the gadget, that isn’t necessarily true. Whether you are looking for a new contract, or already have one, there are many options to consider. First, if you need a new contract anyway, most carriers offer a free phone with a new contract. Even if you can’t get the free Nexus, it is possible that you can get a deep discount. You want the Nexus phone because of the great Android SDK manager and other advanced graphic tools for developers, but shouldn’t pay too much.

The advanced interface allows smart phone users to get the most out of their device. Whether you are looking for seamless video integration or other graphic usages, there is no better platform to consider. It is likely that the Nexus 2 is going to be popular for a long time. Since it is the first of its kind to offer concurrent garbage management and streamlined software programming, there are no delays when opening and using programs. Getting an Android nexus free doesn’t have to be a difficult task. In fact, most customers are surprised at how much they can save by doing a little bit of research. Almost every large carrier who has the Nexus 2 is offering a deal.

The Internet can be a great resource for finding a device with the Android SDK manager on a Nexus 2. Even if you can’t get a absolute free Nexus, it is likely that you can get a discount. The first place you look should be with your current carrier, they might be able to work with you to get a great deal on the device. Being that the animation and smooth programming make it the ideal phone, there are going to be a lot of deals on the market.

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Android Developers Can Apply Licensing Policy to Protect Their Apps From Piracy

Denis Richard asked:

Android Application developers have been facing a big challenge due to piracy of Apps. Therefore, Google Android’s effort, a new approach to fight against such kind of unauthorized usage of Android Apps, has been more than welcomed by the developer Android developer community.

Google’s new Licensing Service released this fall helps Android developers to secure their applications. The service forces apps to ping Google’s home server at regular intervals to verify that they were legitimately purchased. Only paid apps can currently be used with the service and all the features of the application service can be implemented on Android versions 1.5 and above using a set of official libraries.

Ever since the Android came to the Smartphone market, Android platform developers have been vying for an application to protect their apps from illicit piracy.

This free service is a secure mechanism that helps Android programmers access all Android Market paid applications. The only limitation of this application is that it can be installed only on compatible devices that provide a secure internal storage environment. During run time, with the inclusion of a set of libraries provided by Google, Android app can query the Android Market licensing server to determine the license status of the users. It returns information on whether the users are authorized to use the app based on stored sales records.

This real time licensing service provides more flexibility in choosing license-enforcement strategies, and thus, a more secure approach in protecting the applications from unauthorized use than copy protection.

If necessary, an application can apply custom constraints based on the licensing status obtained from Android Market. The licensing service is a secure means of controlling access to the applications. When an application checks the licensing status, the Market server signs the licensing status response using a key pair that is uniquely associated with the publisher account.

If the approach taken by Google Android effectively wards off pirates, then we must say, it will be one of the best news for Android developers. The more Android platform becomes popular; the more challenges its developers will face. But under such circumstances, coming out with innovative ideas and technology expertise would help an Android Application Development Company to survive in the market. So, when you need a far reaching Android application, you should select a development company that can meet your requirement with great expertise and adds value by using the latest technology developments.

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Saving Battery On Your Android Phone

David Ahmad asked:

The Google android operating system has been around for some time now. It has been received enthusiastically by many techies although the jury is still out on whether the device has really lived up to its billing of revolutionizing the cell phone industry. Many enthusiasts have tried to make android run on almost any gadget that resembles a cell phone.

Part of the reason for this is that there is access to the thousands of applications in the android market. Many of these applications are developed by the techie guys. Though many of them do work properly, some of the apps have been developed by techies just to show how smart they are. Your phone’s internal memory space can also be another hindrance to the downloading of many applications at a go. Handsets based on the Microsoft’s mobile OS are some of the phones that have increased in popularity somewhat. When Google launched the android operating system, they had of course predicted that the OS will completely change the landscape of the cellphone industry. Some of the windows mobile phones such as the HTC vogue have USB ports that can help utilize the hardware very well.

There have been ROM’s that have been compiled in order to replace the Windows with the android OS completely.However, there are other applications such as the Haret app, which is a tool that makes it possible for you to boot Linux from the Windows Mobile.Haret does not on stop of Windows mobile.However, the app first of all completely shuts down the Microsoft’s OS before the android is booted. If you have a windows Mobile device which has android, all you need to do is to flash the ROM just in the normal way. You will need to start windows mobile before you launch the android. This will make the port to be faster and more stable. The main advantage of the Haret application is the option of running two different operating systems on your cellphone.Other common applications of the android OS on windows mobile includes:

In effect, all we are ever told is to use the task manager to maximize the battery life. Many people in effect, use this route when attempting to maximize the battery life of the android. When you are killing the tasks in order to save the battery life, it is important that you remember that turning off the alarm clock is one of the surest ways of preserving the battery life.

One of the things that make the android 2.1 a very good OS is the ability to download live wallpapers. The wallpapers are very lively as opposed to the earlier versions of the OS.The animating image format brings the home screen to life. The battery life will however be severely affected as the wallpaper takes too much energy. You can search the android market for live wall papers and you won’t miss them. The wallpapers come in many designs and you can keep on changing the design depending on the make of your phones.

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Hunting for Free Motorola Droid X

Jessie Statton asked:

No doubt you’ve heard all about those giveaways being offered by companies through the Internet. It is true that you can get cool stuff at no cost like a free Motorola Droid X if you know where to look. So where do you look?

Well, there’s a ton of available resources online and here are tips to get you started.

Look through search engines. Using the right keywords will surely lead you to the right place and also give you information on which sites are most trusted by consumers, and other results can offer tips on how to find legit offers for a free Motorola Droid X and other giveaways.

You can also go directly to your favorite brand’s corporate website. Here you can check out if there are any promotions currently going on, these promotions almost always involve freebies and not just great bargains.

Since many offers online are scams that may try to steal your private information, send you tons of spam or infect your computer, you have to be wary when signing up for a giveaway offer. How do you recognize spam offers?

•    There’s just too many ads on the site

•    The site is poorly constructed

•    Terms and condition or privacy policies don’t match the offer

•    The site uses free hosting

•    You are required to sign up first before getting any freebie details

Most authentic free Motorola Droid X and other offers have free memberships and no fees are asked upfront and online support is available 24/7 for any queries for interested individuals. All requirements for offer qualification are also laid out clearly.

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Is Android Fragmentation a Myth?

Michael Dorf asked:

The Android platform has been developing at an almost dizzying pace lately. The number of new releases in a short period of time has lead many to warn that fragmentation has become a serious danger to Android. Google’s Android team has responded saying that the Android fragmentation is a myth. Is fragmentation of Android a myth or is it something that should concern Android developers?

Fragmentation has affected Linux and other open source systems in the past. It occurs when a system has multiple versions with very different components. For example, Linux distributions have their own file system arrangements, different window managers and different packaging systems. This makes it difficult for application developers to create applications for Linux on the expectation that certain components will exist or be in the same location.

Causes of Fragmentation
Android has suffered from some of the classic causes of fragmentation. First, there are wide differences in the capabilities of the hardware devices on which Android runs. While in many systems, this could easily lead to severe fragmentation, Android has not been as affected by this. Android is, however, being very rapidly developed. Each new version of Android has added capabilities. Handsets on the market are running as many as five different versions of the Android operating system. This is where the greatest danger of fragmentation lies. Finally, different manufacturers have been dressing up Android with various add-ons and custom user interfaces. These variations in how Android looks and feels can also lead to fragmentation.

Google has responded to the many reports of Android fragmentation by calling it a “myth”. They have put in place some systems and a plan that should help address the issue of fragmentation. Google is so sure of these plans that they believe fragmentation does not exist.

Fragmentation Prevention
One approach that Google is taking to prevent fragmentation is slowing down the development of Android. The rapid development allowed Google to add new functionality to Android and reach a level of maturity that makes Android competitive with other smartphone platforms. Now that Android is fully featured, the development can slow back down.

Along with slowing down the development of Android, Google has developed a plan to make Android more modular. This will allow users of Android based systems to update individual components of the Android system even if their carrier has not moved to a newer version of Android. For example, if a new version of Gmail is released, users can decide to upgrade Gmail on their phones. This modularity is being applied to various systems including items like the keyboard.

Another approach that Google has taken to try and prevent fragmentation of Android is to adopt a series of standards that must be followed to gain access to the Android market. These standards define minimal functionality that a handset must have in order for the carrier to ship the Android market with the phone. By controlling the market, Google has ensured that these standards will be adhered to. These standards generally deal with hardware and include things like every Android handset must have a camera. By using these standards, Google can assure developers that certain functionality will always be available on an Android phone.

Intents are another type of standard that Google uses to avoid functionality. An intent is a type of interface that Android uses. For example, an application that sends email will use an intent to launch a an email composition window. By using intents, it is possible to replace the default email client with another application and still have the expected behavior from other applications that write email.

Custom User Interfaces
While these systems certainly seem to help reduce the risk of fragmentation, calling it a myth seems to be a bit bold on Google’s part. The biggest source of potential fragmentation seems to be custom user interfaces being applied to Android by various phone makers. It is not uncommon to see updates to applications in the Android market geared towards fixing a bug with a manufacturer’s custom UI. Of course, using anecdotal evidence from the Android market to determine if custom user interfaces are fragmenting Android is not a very solid approach. It seems reasonable, however, that heavy customization of how Android looks and feels will fragment the platform.

This threat goes beyond just creating problems for developers. End users will not be able to pick up any Android handset and expect it to work in the same way. Various custom Androids start to present a learning curve for the end users which may reduce the uptake of Android.

Google says that fragmentation of Android is a myth based on the systems that they have in place to combat fragmentation. However, it does appear from browsing the market that developers are struggling somewhat with supporting the various versions of Android, the different handsets and especially the many custom user interfaces. Is fragmentation really a myth? Post a comment with your thoughts, especially if you are developing for Android and have encountered compatibility issues with a custom user interface.

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Why Offers for Free Motorola Droid X Phones Exist

Jessie Statton asked:

You might be wondering why there are a lot of giveaway offers such as free Motorola Droid X phones available online. After all, what business man would give things away, right? Aren’t business minded people only after profit?

Giving stuff away is actually a marketing strategy that really boosts a company’s income. Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business venture between a merchant and a website owner. The merchant will advertise on the website owner’s site and the website owner will help the merchant gain potential customers by offering rewards and gifts.

Those free Motorola Droid X and other giveaway offers are from website owners advertising for other merchants. Interested individuals will be asked to visit the rewards site and register. Afterwards, potential customers are asked to complete some of the merchants’ offers. Many of these offers are free-trials and don’t cost a dime. For every offer a potential customer completes, the merchant pays the website owner a commission.

After completing the offers, you will be asked to refer some friends to the site. You will then get an e-mail confirmation of your reward so you will be getting your brand new and free Motorola Droid X in the mail.

This internet marketing strategy is a great way for people to own things they’d rather get at no cost than pay for them. As long as you know where to look, you can get a variety of freebies from the net: mobile phones, computers, discount coupons, clothes, cosmetics, etc.

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Few More Apps Are Standing Out in Android Application Platform!

Denis Richard asked:

Photo editing was so far a matter of Photoshop and a few related software. But Android came up with camera feature that can heat up the photo and movie editing skill of any user.

Earlier Android had camera features. But this time new version of Android’s camera is just better than previous one along with some must-have applications. Most importantly, mega pixels of the camera are larger than ever before with each new android device. And it really hits the market.

Some time user may need a little bit LOMO touch on your snap which you might have taken in a party, or you want to crop a stranger part of the snap. There are few must have Android apps for taking and editing perfect photos.

PicSay is an interesting photo editing app that let users correct color, crop images and add texting in word balloons. And feature like applying special effects on the images are added to this app. Adding sticker-like graphics to the photos is another interesting feature for the users. This app helps users apply more sophisticated effects such as cross-processing and color splashes etc.

FxCamera is for a bunch of fun, cool effects to photographs. It offers few effects including ToyCam, Polandroid, Fisheye, SymmetriCam and Warhol etc. One can compare this app with several popular iPhone camera apps like CameraBag, Picoli or PhotoBox etc. Photoshop.com Mobile lets users crop and rotate images, adjust color and apply effects, although this app is little slow. It lacks some important features photo filters and a wide range of visual effects.

Vignette app adds film and flash effects to the Android camera’s arsenal. It has 15 frames, crop features and a self-timer and zoom. It also offers 46 Effects including Lomo and ToyCam filters, Polaroid-style effects, cross-processing and tilt-shift. Camera ZOOM FX packs a slew of useful features. It offers 40 photo effects, zoom functions, photo bursts, timers, stable shot, white balance, grids and sound activation.

Finger Paint is basically a version of MS Paint for Android. It’s a touchscreen interface that allows the user to color and draw over photos. Snap Photo Pro offers multi-shot bursts, a timer, brightness and contrast adjustment, stability mode, zoom features and photo filters etc. Camera Illusion lets users add effects, masks and filters to their photos in real-time. User can apply ASCII filter if he or she wants to get truly nerdy.

Apart from these applications and features, there are ample ranges of third party applications available in app market. In this regard, third party Android Application Developers are also playing the lively role in the thriving epoch of Google’s Android

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They’re So Cheap! A General Overview of Google Android-Based Devices and Applications

Tina Schwartz-Miller asked:

The concept of the Android operating system is quite simple: a bunch of computer companies and other independent developers banded together to create an operating system that is well-suite for mobile devices like phones, PDA’s, and until recently, tablet computers.

Mobile operating systems differ from the regular OS because they are geared more on striking a balance between efficiency and aesthetics, as computing power for mobile devices are vastly limited due to their size. Android is like Windows CE, which is also another mobile system from computer giant Microsoft.

Open Source (Wow! Tons of Freebies!)

However, unlike Windows CE, Android is an open-source software program, which means that pretty much anyone with the requisite technical know how can tinker with the device, create applications, and use it almost anywhere they want. Android’s open-source trait has led thousands of developers to take advantage of it by creating programs without having to go through much guesswork, which happens a lot when programmers create software for proprietary operating systems.

Because it wouldn’t require tons of capital to create stuff for the Android, many upstart android-based software and hardware developers have joined in the fray. This is a good thing because consumers will have more to choose from, as opposed to a small array of options from a small group of manufacturers.

Customer Support Mechanism (or the lack of it)

However, this perceived advantage also became a big issue for most consumers. A countless number of small companies (and even home-based hobbyists) create so much stuff for the Android without the have a strong and well-organized customer support department. Basically, this means that any consumer who gets so hooked up on a certain program or gadget and eventually runs into trouble will inevitably left to his own devices (pun intended).

This issue will become even more pronounced as Chinese manufacturers have started to create extremely low-cost tablet PCs that run on it. When I tried to shop around in eBay and in other online stores, the best kind of information that I can get about these tablets are their basic specifications, nothing more and nothing less. The manufacturer’s name is not even there, and even if it is, it will be some obscure manufacture in some obscure corner of the planet.


Android technology can be considered as still in its infancy. However, one look at the price tag will make you tell yourself, “It’s so cheap I wouldn’t even mind if it doesn’t work.”

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In Search of the Best Media Streamers: Is Android Poised to Conquer the Connected Home?

Thomas Abell asked:

One thing is clearly evident in this industry, streaming media has just about everyone’s attention. There was an abundance of new devices at CES of varying specifications and operating systems that shared the same function: streaming media to an HDTV from both home and via the Internet. Please join us as we look at many of the top offerings of streaming media players in search of the best Media Streamers.

While Microsoft is charging down the path of Embedded Windows 7 and letting OEMs create a variety of devices with varying degrees of the Windows 7 operating system embedded within, there have been rumors that this spells the “death of the HTPC”. From devices with the entire Windows 7 OS on them to devices with only Media Center 7 embedded on them, there are certainly some cool Windows streaming media devices coming down the pike from Microsoft and its partners. And while at this point it’s difficult to actually determine when a device ceases to become an HTPC and transforms into a standard streaming media player, to me there’s no doubt that the future of the “HTPC” is far from dead! In fact, they seem to becoming more of an integral part of home system integration than ever before!

But what about Android?

Sure we have Google TV, and I along with a lot of other people out there are waiting for Google to get a proper OS on their digital media streamers built into the Logitech Revue, Sony TVs, and a number of other announced big named manufacturers, before they lose the race completely. How could Google lose the race with all of these big names already behind them? Because there are a number of really solid Android 2.2 and above based devices that are being launched over the next month or two.

One such company that is already and will be producing some more very nice looking media streaming players is Xtreamer who had a couple of their devices on display at CeBIT 2011.

Xtreamer looks like it is about to light the stage on fire in this arena as they describe their “Target & Vision”:

Once again Xtreamer is set to revolutionize the pricing of the world of media players with its market leading, award winning Xtreamer series of Full HD Media Players and Solutions. The demand for an affordable PC that may serve as a media player is already apparent as this market develops.The Xtreamer Ultra Full HD Media Player / PC combines the most connected media player with the fastest consumer electronics media processor available – the Intel® Atom™ Dual Core processor, from the D525 series. With the launch of Xtreamer Ultra we will continue to achieve our compelling mission in 2011 of being a leading provider of FULL HD comprehensive and capable media centers encapsulated into a very compact unit with a very aggressive price tag. The Xtreamer Ultra, is mainly aimed to set a completely new standard for the Linux, XBMC and Boxee communities and the media streamers industry as we know it.

Xtreamer Ultra

The Xtreamer Ultra is being dubbed as a full fledged HTPC:

The Xtreamer Ultra is a portable HTPC equipped with 6 USB, eSATA, 4 Gb DDR3 RAM, HDMI, an integral IR remote control and powered by the nVidia ION2 Chip that allows vivid and crisp playback of FULL HD multimedia files.

The Xtreamer Ultra can run a wide variety of not only apps, but entire environments as well as shown to the left here. Not only can Xtreamer run completely different environments like Ubuntu, but also will accomplish everyday computing needs with the ability to run Apps like, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Office, Facebook, Twitter, Winamp, and more!

The Xtreamer Ultra really seems to be a complete package with plenty of power packed in this highly stylish unit. This aspect is also displayed by its technical highlights:

Intel® Atom™ D525 processor (1.8 GHz, dual-core) Intel® NM10 Express chipset Next-Generation NVIDIA® ION™ graphics processor 16 unified shaders 512MB DDR3 memory ( ION2 chipset ) NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology NVIDIA® PureVideo™ HD technology Optional USB Antenna 802.11n WiFi Optional eSATA Blu-ray Drive Optional USB Blu-ray Drive

The Xtreamer Ultra looks to be a fine piece of hardware for sure, but wait until you feast your eyes on the Xtreamer Prodigy….

We’ll be covering the Prodigy in our next media streamers review as part of our new series “In Search of the Best Media Streamers”, so stay tuned…you won’t be disappointed in this piece of hardware!

In the meantime, what do you think? Is the HTPC really dead as some people want to claim, or is it merely morphing before our eyes…giving us, the home consumer, more and more options! If so, which platform makes for the best HTPC?

You gotta love Technology!

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